Lydia Haskell IFBB Pro


There is nothing more powerful then the thoughts and testimonials of my clients.

Here's what they have to say:

Thoughts from FITNESS RAVERS:

Lydia, your teaching is outstanding!  Your love of Jam, Sh'Bam, RaveJam, Athletic Intervals, Total Body Step, Les Mills, dancing and teaching dance, shines through in every class!  Though I haven't taken Pump, I've observed the same thing when you teach it.  When I met your sister at the dance party, she mentioned you've been sharing your joy with students for 30 years.  The happiness you exude and share while teaching is something that helps me in my life and as a student.  It's something that makes my life better and my day happier after taking your class.  Seeing your happiness and enthusiasm in class reminds me of mine 30 years ago -- I'd ride my bike (didn't have a car at college) to Jackie Sorenson's Aerobic Dancing classes before college classes in the morning.  Loved starting the day like that, and still do, especially mornings at The Fitness Rave!  It's so cool to see how much you enjoy your classes, and how that enables students to enjoy classes and life even more.  Thank you for sharing your happiness and enthusiasm with Ravers.    



Ok first, bless you and the Fitness Rave - as of today I am back to pre-preg weight and my old jeans!!  Very excited but I still need to tone the mid section ;) As for the mommies thing - you can just decide if you want to have one specific class open to them. 

Hope you have a merry Christmas and Happy New year!


Do you know I have always been the type of person who Loves to see others flourish, succeed, achieve a long time goal and be an inspiration. Well that is YOU I love your spirit, soul, you are such a creator, a giver, a captivator with such STAR quality-- thank you for inviting me to be part of your audience/presentation event!

The Fitness Rave  was way more powerful and fantastic than I ever expected.

WELL YOU have done more than that in my eyes great job!!!

If any time in the future you have a need or are looking for someone and would love to help with the success for The Fitness Rave!  I am here to VOLUNTEER my help or services so I could just be part of The Fitness Rave Frenzy.  THE ENERGY, THE EXTRAORDINARY PROFESSIONALISM AND YOU CAN DO IT ATTITUDE OF THE "A" TEAM . I have not seen this type of class in so long at any club -that Ive worked in or worked out in..  I love every bit of last evening..  Thank you so much for the invitation.

Please keep me in mind and stay in touch for any future needs!! You are the greatest!!



Ok first, bless you and the Fitness Rave - as of today I am back to pre-preg weight and my old jeans!!  Very excited but I still need to tone the mid section ;) As for the mommies thing - you can just decide if you want to have one specific class open to them. 

Hope you have a merry Christmas and Happy New year!



I met Lydia when I was working for her husband in 2003. We got to know each other more and more and I discovered her background in physical fitness and she discovered that I was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. Through the workplace I picked up on a buzz that was going around about this miracle tea that the girls were drinking and having great results with. Through some quick research I found out that the tea was an Herbalife product and that it was coming from Lydia. Her and I got together and discussed some possible options for me that would help kick my body into better shape. I was already working out quite a bit on my own and then getting in a three mile run and two hour dance session at Ravens practice.  The tea gave me an extra energy boost to work out extra hard at the gym and during practice.  I used the tea in conjunction with the cell-u-loss and saw fantastic results quickly. Fitness is a number one priority on a professional cheerleading team and the Herbalife products were a major contributor for me to look great in my uniform. Some of teammates commented on my quick progress and were interested in what I was using. I referred them all over to Lydia and they were just as pleased as I was. Nothing has worked for my body better than combining my workouts with the Herbalife products recommended by Lydia!!!

Jaime Morris

Annapolis, Maryland


Exercise has been a part of my life for years. This past year, I became more dedicated to my exercise and was feeling healthy and stronger, but not seeing the results I was hoping for. I met Lydia in one of my absolute favorite classes, Athletic Intervals. She would always give the class helpful tips on healthy food choices. After several classes, I spoke with Lydia and concluded that I needed to make changes with in my diet in order to see results. Lydia came to our home and met with my husband and I. She introduced us to Herbalife and helped us figure out how to make healthy food choices for our family. Now we use the Herbalife HPLC protein shake as a supplement for our breakfast and enjoy the protein bar snack. I have lost over 10 pounds and have gone down two sizes in 12 weeks. I'm in the best shape I have ever been in!!

Nedra Veronick
Street, Maryland

I am not a diet kind of guy an I am not into being a slave to supplements. Lydia's advice about better planning for healthy eating in conjunction with the Herbalife products was the perfect solution for my busy schedule. I've lost 15 pounds in 12 weeks, and am still going. By having healthier foods available, I'm able to fend off the hunger attacks. I feel great and enjoy the foods I'm eating. This is definitely a life long solution!

Jared Veronick
Street, Maryland

Jared and Nedra before

Nedra after

I was first introduced to Lydia Haskell at the young age of 17. I was a Junior in high school and like many normal teens, wasn't interested in spending hours at the gym or even eating what is "good" for me. Little did I know, Lydia was extremely convincing and saw more potential in me that anyone I had ever met. Lydia, being a IFBB professional Fitness and Figure competitor herself, guaranteed that if I took her advice as she led the way I wouldn't be disappointed with my results. I was hesitant at first, then agreed. I had nothing to loose. I quit all sports I was playing at the high school and went full force into figure training. Lydia set me up with a personal trainer, Erin Miller, who did wonders to my body. She showed me the proper way to lift weights as well as helped me figure out what worked for me and what didn't. Lydia also introduced me to Todd Swinney who gave me more nutrition and contest prep guidance. Weight training was a huge part of my success but I wouldn't have looked as good as I did if it weren't for Lydia's nutrition products. She set me up on the Herbalife Gold plan. I used many products from Herbalife including vitamins and shakes. These two products played a large part in my everyday routine. They kept me healthy and feeling great. At the end of 6 months of grueling training I was stage ready. When I began my training program I weighed 125 lbs. with a shocking body fat percentage of 26%. By the end I was about 120 with a body fat percentage of 18%. I was shocked at what simple changes in your everyday life can do. I am now 18, I have been competing for a year and a half. I am extremely dedicated to my workouts and healthy lifestyle. I was featured in Muscle and Fitness in April of this year as well as competed in two shows over the summer placing 4th in both figure portions and I'm very proud to have placed first at an NPC show. I am the Teen Fitness Champion of 2004 in the NPC. I'm honored. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the encouragement and support of Lydia, Erin, Todd and most importantly my family. Weight lifting as well as Herbalife has done wonders for who I am.

Taylor Sappington

Meeting Lydia began when I decided to compete for the first time in NPC fitness, in the summer of 2004. I first contacted Lydia after seeing her bio and pictures in the Winter 2004 issue of the NPC News Magazine. I noticed that she lives near where I live. I took advantage of the opportunity to get some professional information and decided to email Lydia. I wanted to find out if she does her own choreography, or if she has someone else do it. Lydia quickly responded to my email, and said she would be more than happy to choreograph my fitness routine.

At our meeting, we discussed routine theme ideas, music, posing suits, nutrition and Herbalife products. I had a considerable amount of bodyfat to lose for the competition. Lydia highly recommended Todd Swinney for additional support with my diet and the Herbalife products sounded like the extra help I needed in order to reach my goal. I used the HPLC shake mix (which didn't upset my stomach, like some other protein shakes did), multivitamin, thermo-bond, cell activator, cell-u-loss, herbal concentrate tea (raspberry is very good), and peach mango HPLC drink mix.

I started my contest preparation 16 weeks out from the show. During that time, Lydia was more than helpful with all aspects of contest preparation. She leased me two of her beautiful custom made posing suits. We even met at a salon, where I got my hair glammed up, and she put my make-up on to demonstrate how it should look on competition day. We also spent some time on the technique of walking in heels, and posing for the judges.

Lydia saw the potential for me to be great in this sport, by encouraging me during routine practice, giving positive feedback on my physique, and supplying me with the Herbalife products to get me where I needed to be for the shows. I also worked out with her a couple of times, and boy did I feel those workouts for days after!

For the competition, I felt confident in my appearance and my routine. With Lydia's devoted assistance, knowledge of the sport of fitness, Herbalife and Todd Swinney. I went from weighing 138 pounds and having 30.8% bodyfat, to weighing 125 pounds and having 13% bodyfat (that's a loss of 13 pounds of fat, 17% bodyfat, and a gain of 13 pounds of lean mass)in just 16 weeks. I don't think I would have achieved the results I did without the assistance of Herbalife products. I want to thank Lydia for helping me so much, and I look forward to working with her for next year's competitions!!!

Samantha Dayberry
Baltimore Maryland

My name is Gladys, I'm a 35 year old mother of two. I always exercised but I was not happy with my weight. I met Lydia at the gym and started taking her classes. She always talked to us about the importance of proper nutrition and supplements. I decided to talk to her about how unhappy I was with my weight and what I could do about it. Lydia sat with me for two hours and told me the changes that I should make in my diet and also met me at the gym and guided me through a weight-training program.

The combination of proper nutrition and exercise had as a result a loss of 23 pounds in just 10 weeks. I went from a size 10 to a size 5 and I felt and looked great. I had a bathing suit that I loved but couldn't fit into for several summers and this summer I wore it!!! Lydia was a great support. She always called me to see how I am feeling and encouraged me throughout the whole process.

Gladys Vito

Gladys Before

Gladys After

Prior to meeting Lydia I had competed in my second figure competition, The NGA Potomac Cup in July 2004, where I placed third in the Figure Tall Class. I was disappointed with the placement, and decided I had to work harder to be ready for the next competition. I felt one of my weaknesses was my stage presence as well as my posing routine. I spoke of my concerns with my Nutritionist Todd Swinney, when his wife Kristin referred me to Lydia.

The first time I spoke with Lydia over the phone, I felt her energy and enthusiasm. Our first meeting was so productive and I could see how passionate she was about what she does. She immediately began working with me on improving my stage presence and quarter turn poses.

After each meeting with Lydia I began to feel more confident about being on stage. She always had positive feedback while we worked together and offered tips and advice to improve my skills and training.

Lydia also introduced me to the Herbalife product called Cell-U-Loss, which tremendously helped with my water depletion for the show. She assured me the Cell-U-Loss was safe and would give me results. With the nutritional guidance from Todd Swinney, Lydia and the Herbalife product, I went into this show my leanest ever with a body fat of 8.5%.

In November I entered the Mount Rogers Cup Figure Competition in Roanoke VA. and placed 2nd in the Tall class. Prior to leaving for the show Lydia gave me more tips on make up, tanning and remaining confident throughout the show.

Thanks to Lydia I received a lot of positive feedback from the judges about the improvement they saw in my presentation since my last show. I was pleased with my performance and will continue to work hard to reach my goal of winning a pro title. I'm positive, continuing to work with Lydia as well as my perseverance and hard work will get me to that goal.

Thanks Lydia!

Genevieve Holgate-Palmer
Glen Burnie, Maryland

I wanted to let you all know: if you’re looking for a way to become a smarter eater than you should do like I did and have continued to do for the past 3 years.

I met Lydia in 2001 after she found out that I was training for the Olympics. That’s when she introduced me to Herbalife. When I began Lydia's program I weighed 169 lbs. Now, I've lost 20 pounds and have kept it off ever since. After having multiple problems with my shins, I was diagnosed with Exhaustion Compartment Syndrome. Lydia pushed me to continue to follow my dreams and not to worry. She convinced me to take care of my shins with the necessary surgery and for me to get on with it. Go for my dreams!

Today I've lost another 10 lbs.and in total I've lost 29 lbs. GREAT!

I just started in Fitness competitions. Herbalife makes my body look healthier and gives me the energy and I need to get up at 4am to go for a 5 mile run, to work from 8 to 5 and in the gym by 5:30pm. With my Herbalife I'm able to stay focused at work and on my training. If you had to ask me: "Liz would you suggest this product to your best friend"? I would say: "I think it should be the only thing on the shelve!" I talk about Herbalife to everyone I know, to my mother, my sister, my 6 year old cousin, I tell as many people as I can. I will talk about it for ever. Stop spending your money elsewhere just get on top of your Herbalife order.

Lydia thank you for teaching me a better way of living.

Elizabeth Pothel

Elizabeth Before

Elizabeth After

Lydia is very passionate about Fitness and training fitness competitors. She is someone that you can depend on to provide you with professional choreographic assistance for your fitness routine. She is able to help you with all aspects of your fitness training, which includes developing routines, selecting music that complimented personalities and skills such as dance, gymnastics, etc, costume design, work directly with your professional D.J. through the entire development of your music piece. In addition she teaches proper posing and stage walking techniques and is knowledgeable and can provide you with nutritional advice and delicious products. On top of this, she was even able to assist me with swimsuit design or rentals.

While composing my routine, Lydia was able to perform or demonstrate many moves that she wanted me to execute and add to my routine. She was always available and very flexible with her busy schedule to work around my schedule. Lydia pushed me hard to execute any new moves that she added to my routine and motivated me to succeed in my first Fitness competition at the age of 40.

I would highly recommend Lydia to any one who is serious about competing in Fitness whether you are a novice or have experience. Lydia competes on a Pro-level and knows what it takes to get there. If you are looking for someone who can help with many facets of fitness training, I would recommend that you contact Lydia and you will be so grateful that you did!!!

Leslie Sauter
Kingsville, Maryland

Herbalife has made a great difference in my life! It has changed my body and mind. I started using herbalife after being on a Low Carb diet (Atkins) for several months. I lost weight but my body's shape was still not the way I wanted it. I joined a gym, where I met Lydia who's words I will always remember "your body is a product of nutrition, if you don't supply it with what it needs you will not get the results" With those words, I met with Lydia and became an Herbalife consumer. Because of my children's busy schedule I was unable to go to the gym as frequently as I would have liked to. To my surprise my body still continued to become more toned. Everyone was asking how I was doing it, I said "Herbalife". Feeling great about these results I knew that if I increased my exercise I'd really get results. Never missing Lydia's grueling, yet rewarding class "Athletic Intervals" and using my favorite products: Total Control, Cell-u-Loss, Thermo Bond and Herbal Concentrate tea, I achieved my goal of a tone and sculpted body. I lost an additional eight pounds and two complete sizes. I love the results Herbalife and exercise continues to give me and I'm dedicated for life. "It's my secret to a better Me"
P. S. Thank you Lydia for your INSPIRATION and GUIDANCE!

Diana Klug
Forest Hill,Md

After the birth of my second child, I was larger than I ever thought I would be. I had no energy, and felt bad about the size I had become. I hadn't exercised regularly for almost five years. I joined the gym, hoping to find motivation. I found that motivation in Lydia. I started taking Lydis's Athletic Intervals class in February 2003. I slowly added more of her classes, and then Group Weight Training. I now incorporate cardio and weight training into my exercise routine. Now that I have reached a healthy weight, Muscle Max Boot Camp has really started to tone and shape my muscle. Lydia pushed me to work as hard as I could to get results. She has trully motivated me to change my attitude about excercise and healthy eating. Thanks


Shannon McAliskey

Churchville, Maryland


Gladys After

Lydia, Lydia...where do I begin! A coach, a friend and a true inspiration...I'll always remember the day I was flipping through Parrillo Performance Magazine and Lydia's photo caught my eye! I admired her strong, muscular, yet very femenine physique and I was determined to achieve the same results. Over the past year or so I thought about competing, however, I was not at the right point in my life to make the commitment. Well...this year I felt it was my time and if i was going to do it, I was going to do it right! I entered my first NABBA Ms. Figure competition in Philidelphia, PA. This competition includes a physique round including quarter turns and comparative displays, along with a free-posing choreographed routine. I was confident I could train and diet for the show, however, I could already feel myself shaking with the thought of doing a routine on stage in my two-piece suit! I needed someone to teach me how to show off all my hard work, so I contacted Lydia. Now that I've done two shows, placing first in both....I look back at the first time I meet Lydia and I am in awe of how far I have come! Lydia passionately taught me how to hold myself confidently and not to mention, put together an award winning routine! I cannot express how much Lydia has helped me in becoming more confident on stage and in my day-to-day life. If it werent' for the training I did with her, I truely believe regardless of how good my figure looked, I would not have won both shows! I was complimented on my stage presence by so many people it was unreal..everyone said I looked like I had been competing for years!
Now i'm hooked on competing and I plan to continue to work with Lydia to keep my stage presence sharp...her passion and professionalism is worth every cent!

About two years ago, I walked into Gold's Gym to do my daily workout routine. I noticed balloons and some sort of a celebration going on. My curiosity took me to a table in the middle of the floor where I saw this beautiful lady is a skirt with kickin abs and legs. My first thought was "I have to talk to her because I want to look like that". She became my friend and my mentor. She was Lydia Haskell.

She explained to me how supplements, protein powder, vitamin and clean eating can benefit your body. She had samples of the protein drink to try and I was hooked! The more time I spent with Lydia the more educated I became. She helped me with a nutrition plan consisting of lots of fish, chicken breast, egg whites, veggies, brown rice and baked sweet potatoes. We also trained together and WOW did I see results! We used free weights and machines along with high intensity cardio interval training and plyometrics. My body and my mind started to feel stronger and cleaner. I felt good all over. I'm still training hard and Lydia's interval class is part of that training.

Thanks for your postitive attitude, hard work and dedication to fitness Lydia. You have really touched my life!

Kim Mikel
Pylesville, Maryland

Lydia's classes are a great workout and so much FUN! Her enthusiasm and energy are endless so everyone in the room catches her "fever" giving their personal best, while having a good time. After your strenuous workout you feel wonderful because you did something good for your body and soul, had fun doing it and learned something new. Lydia laces her routines with valuable knowledge on technique, nutrition, health and various other subjects while smiling, having a sense of humor, and entertaining her class the whole time. Though it's a class, you feel like you have a personal trainer because she finds the opportunity to correct a technique if she sees someone that needs help or is new. Before you know it, your time is up and the shower awaits you (I'm always drenched). Then you look forward to your next workout with this fabulous instructor.

Molly Kushner
Bel Air, Maryland

(the 56 year old grandmother in your Tuesday morning class)