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My Herbalife Story

In 1999 is was introduced to a wonderful line of Nutritional products called Herbalife. At this time, I was very involved in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Group Fitness Director/ Instructor and was teaching a minimum of eight to ten aerobic classes a week. You would have thought that with this much activity I'd be thin and in great shape right? Well I wasn't, it was quite the opposite. I was overweight, always tired, fatiqued, sore and literally malnutritioned. I was trying every program I could find to lose the weight I'd been holding onto since the birth of my daughter two years before.

My first experience with Herbalife was from an incredible Green Tea called Herbal Concentrate. I started losing weight with just the tea. Thrilled with my first result I wanted to learn more about the Herbalife products. I began using the complete Herbalife program and went from a size 9-10 to a size 2-4 in just 12 weeks! It was unbelievable. Then, when competitive bodybuilding, fitness and figure became the goal, I put these incredible nutrition products to the test and acheived even greater fat loss results. I love Herbalife!

My Herbalife Business:

Now that I was totally in love with the Herbalife products, I knew I would never go without them so I became a Distributor mainly to recieve a 25% discount. My husband began reading the information in the distributor kit and felt that this would be a good business opportunity for me. Confident that I would do well with it because of my backround in the fitness field, my husband also knew that if I could make it work, I could have a business from my home and take care of my family at the same time. It was either that or get a job and have someone else raise my child. That was not an option for me so I started to take this idea of an "At Home Business" very seriously.

Now in 2004, I have a fantastic business with clients from coast to coast. I've been able to help hundreds of people lose weight and feel great.

I'm always looking for motivated people to mentor and with which to share the Herbalife business opportunity. If you have an interest in the wellness business and would like to learn more about earning extra income and becoming your own boss, please feel free to email me. You may also log on to to learn more about the company, products and business opportunity.