Lydia Haskell IFBB Pro

My Family

The first time I saw my husband Rick Haskell was at a health club (of course), in Southern California. He was one of my students in class and I remember being impressed by how coordinated he was, not to mention I thought he was very handsome. He was and still is in the restaurant business. It wasn't until we worked together at a beautiful restaurant in New Port Beach, California, that we began talking (actually more like flirting), and as soon as we started dating, we knew we were meant for each other.

From California, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona where we were in partnership at a popular uptown Bar and Grill. I continued working on my degree at Arizona State University.

Adding more to my plate, I became not only a Professional NFL Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader but also the first coach and choreographer for the new ASU Basketball Dance team, the Devil's Angels.

We married in Phoenix on November, 18th 1995 and because of my husbands career opportunities in the restaurant business we moved to Columbus Ohio, where our daughter was born. Then it was on to Philadelphia and now we reside in Baltimore MD.

Currently, he is the Operating Partner at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, considered to be one of Baltimore's finest restaurants. I'm so proud of my husband.

He is a wonderful man. We've been together for 18 years and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me! With his unwavering love and support I feel like I can do anything and everything I set out to accomplish.

Our daughter, Erica Angelina is truly an angel. She has a heart of gold and is the sweetest daughter ever. She wants to do it all -- sing, dance, cheerlead and more. My husband says she gets it from me (who knew?). Whatever she decides to do her father and I will be right there to support her. Everyday I am reminded of how much Erica has taught me about love and happiness. She's my favorite person in the world -- she's my inspiration!