Lydia Haskell IFBB Pro

My Childhood

Born, raised and educated in Southern California, I was the 7th of 8 children. I was blessed with 2 brothers and 5 sisters and I'm so grateful to have them. My parents worked very hard to provide for all of us and sometimes, I can't imagine how they did it. Best of all, we all turned out to be really great people with families of our own.

My parents we're my first great inspirations in life. My father taught me so much about being a responsible person and the value of having a great work ethic. He instilled in me that hard work and commitment were everything. He passed away about 13 years ago and I know he's watching me from above. I miss him everyday of my life.

My mother is my guardian angel and pillar of strength. She taught and is still teaching me so much about love, happiness and faith. The list can go and on but most importantly, she taught me to believe in my dreams and never let anyone or anything take them away.
Love you Mom!

My family went through a lot with me. You see, I was a very sick little girl. At age 2, I was struck with severe pneumonia and was admitted to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.

However, the worst was due to a tricycle accident at age 5. My hip joint was badly bruised, then abscessed which caused a severe staph infection to spread throughout my entire body. At a critical point, the doctors, again at Children's Hospital, called in the priest to prepare my family for what was about to happen. My heart stopped and I was "code blue" not once, but twice. They were certain this little girl was not going to make it.

In an effort to save my life, the physicians performed a radical emergency surgery and they scraped away a portion of my hip joint to remove the worst of the infection. My family was informed that "if" I survived this trauma, I would never be able to walk again. I was in a full body cast and in bed for 6 months after the surgery. They were certain I'd be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I'd say I proved that theory wrong and made it through that one pretty well.

But once again, (if that wasn't enough), at age 7, another emergency surgery was needed due to a ruptured appendix.

I'm a spiritual person and I believe we're all here for a purpose and we've all been given a gift to share. Perhaps I survived all my early traumas because I have a job to do and my purpose needs to be met. I believe that purpose is to SHARE, SUPPORT and INSPIRE others by touching as many people as I can with the positive message of health and wellness.