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Hello and welcome. If being fit and feeling healthy is what you're looking for then you have come to the right place. I'm Lydia Haskell and I have a strong feeling we share the same goals.

In the Fitness industry for over 27 years, I've worked with thousands of men and women from coast to coast with the goal of improving their health and wellness. Nothing gives me greater pleasure then to watch their bodies change, their spirits lift and to see the joy and satisfaction on their face when they achieve their goals. It may be a goal of losing weight, toning up or to improve their cardiovascular health by making it through a challenging 60 minute workout. Whatever it may be, I'm eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to touch someone's life and perhaps change their direction for that day and the days to come.

Being fit and feeling great takes a serious commitment. It's a commitment that only YOU can make to yourself. YOU choose the foods you're going to eat or not eat, YOU decide whether or not you're going to get out of bed and go for a 30 minute walk or make it to the gym for your weight training workout or favorite class. Even more importantly YOU are the person that is going to get the great personal satisfaction that a healthy diet, regular exercise and taking good care of yourself brings. It's all about YOU !


Lydia Haskell's THE FITNESS RAVE. A group fitness studio founded in 2010 is my latest fitness venture. The Fitness Rave is a 8400 sq ft studio that specializes in GROUP FITNESS as a BUSINESS. I offer a full schedule of classes that consist of WORLD CLASS Les Mills group fitness programs such as BodyPump, BodyJam, BodyCombat, BodyStep.THE FITNESS RAVE also offers Zumba, Athletic Intervals and TRX Suspension Training. At THE FITNESS RAVE we provide personal training and nutrition programs for the beginner or the advanced member. . This is my on-line consignment site founded in March of 2005. ProConsign is the worlds most complete online consignment site for today's Fitness and Figure competitors. Everything you need for competition day is available on Huge thanks goes out to all the Pro Competitors as well as national and regional competitors around the world that have either bought or sold suits through Pro Consign. It has been a true pleasure doing business with all of you!

Les Mills is taking the USA by storm. Every week in numerous places around the country someone is being trained to teach one of the eight Les Mills Group Fitness programs. LesMills is a company out of New Zealand that specializes in changing lives everyday! It's largest and most successful program is BodyPump. It is the world's largest group fitness program currently being taught in 12,000 clubs in over 80 countries and growing! I'm honored to be part of the US training team! It is my dream job and I absolutely love what I do! I have been to New Zealand and have been personally trained by the founders and program directors of this amazing company. What a beautiful place! New Zealand is incredible and the Les Mills family there were fantastic hosts.Having traveled all over the US with Les Mills, I have met and trained so many dynamic and talented individuals. Thanks to all of you for letting me into your lives for 3 solid days of hard work and great memories. Always remember our HAKA!!! "Fighting the war on obesity and a sedentary lifestyle"

Be sure to check out my new Les Mills Gallery you just might see your beautiful self there!

Best Wishes to all and remember

"You're A Champion"


Need to spice up your cardio workouts? Try my video Dance Off the Inches 15 minute Express . It's my easy to follow cardio dance workout that sure to burn calories while having a blast with easy to follow moves.

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The Competitor's Way Out
Of Emotional Eating


My ultimate dream has come true!

I am pleased to announce the opening of my Group Fitness studio



Located in White Marsh MD, The Fitness Rave is Baltimore Counties exciting new group fitness and personal training studio. The Fitness Rave started out as a one time special event and quickly turned into a complete ALL GROUP FITNESS facility. As a Les Mills national trainer and presenter I naturally wanted to create a place the would show case THE WORLDS BEST FITNESS CLASSES from Les Mills and more! To do this I now have 8,000 sq foot studio equipped with powerful sound and lighting systems that will make your Group Fitness workouts electrifying. Please visit THE FITNESS RAVE website.

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I have had so many great opportunities to train the MidAtlantics best!

Team World Gym in Maryland

Team Washinton Sports Clubs

BodyJam Team from the Eldersburg Quarterly